Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dish Rag Tag

I joined the Dish Rag Tag - The Sequel and received my team assignment. I am on Team #7. There is a box on the right that shows our progress and a button you can click.

For those of you who haven't heard about it here is a excerpt from the site explaining what it is about:

Dish Rag Tag consists of 300 knitters (from the US) divided into teams the first team to finish wins. There will be a box (the baton) that circulates through the 12 Knitter Team. Each box will be packed with a finished dish rag, one ball of dish rag cotton, instructions, the Official Dish Rag Tag Pattern and a small treat.

When a knitter receives the box, the knitter will report that she or he is “it”, and empty the box keeping the enclosed dishrag and treat. The knitter will then knit a new dishrag with the cotton in the box and the Official Pattern. When the dish rag is finished, it goes back in the box with a new ball of dish rag cotton and a small treat.

The first box to make it through all a team’s members and return to the Miracle Household achieves Dish Rag Tag Glory! Prizes for the top three teams.

I can't wait to start! Maybe it will inspire me to post on here more often ;o)
Go Team #7!!!

~Kim *Ü*