Wednesday, March 25, 2009

30 days and counting...

until the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. Can you tell I am excited and counting the days. I got my Spring Fling Swap Partner's package in the mail today. I hope Sam likes it she sure is sweet. I can't wait to meet her. Sam is one talented knitter and a writer...way beyond my knittting capability...I can only hope someday. Take a peek at her blog I am amazed at everything she does and with two small kids.

I am getting excited and a little nervous about the trip to St. Louis which is only a hop, skip and a jump from me *that is what I keep telling myself*. It has been a long time since I've flown and even longer since I have gone any where without my sidekick *Harold* I keep telling myself "Kim, you are a big girl...just suck it up and get on that plane! The rest will fall into place." Now I just have to do it. Yes, I do talk to myself and sometimes even aloud and in public. I know I am strange.

Now for something stranger....

I am seriously considering going back to school. Yep. Harold wants to retire and what can I say. He has been the best and a great provider. The only but to it I have is that I am so much younger I won't have health care and with being diabetic and having COPD I need insurance. I could just go back to work *ugh*... so my only recourse is to go back to school. Since this isn't something we are going to jump right into I have about 2 years to decide and finish YIKES!!!

And during those two years I also have a obligation to the oldest son...babysitting the newest addition to our family, baby girl Chloe. Who should arrive in late May.

I guess I have lots of decisions to make and I am so bad at it. I have so many questions...I wonder if my brain has gotten to old to learn new things? I am slower than I use to be. Is that because I am not in the workforce? *my mother who still works seems to be more on the ball than me* I am so set in my ways can I really open up to learning something new? Will I just be wasting money that we could use? Can you really teach an old dog new tricks? See...the more I think the more I think...
well I am going to do some web searching and see if I can find some answers to a few of my questions.

Before I leave I have to tell you Bryson is talking up a storm! Most of the time we understand what he is saying the rest of the time we are guessing. He calls me Mammaw and he has finally started calling Harold "Oppy" LOL For some reason he hasn't quite got the hang of Poppy. He is quite the character and really is the apple of my eye. But I bet you already knew that. It is so hard since the girls aren't here everyday. He is smart as a whip and spoiled rotten. And I bet you knew that too ;o)

~Kim *Ü*

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Year Older

I am another year older today. I won't say how old I am. Some days I feel my age, some days I feel older and some younger. The days I feel younger seem to become less and less as the years stack up. Do I feel older today? It is only 1:00 I don't know yet ;o)

It has been a nice Birthday so far and while I was having my morning tea and reading the paper I was reminiscing about the past year and I would have to say it has been a very good year and that I have been blessed many times over. Great family, wonderful friends, health isn't too bad, losing weight and a loving spouse. I would be a fool to want more.

I decided this year I am going to get healthy by exercising and try to eat the right foods. I am also going to try to blog more often so that when I see myself slipping from my goal to get healthier I will be able to get back on track. Now I said I have to do it. *Thank you, Judith for showing me by your actions that if I say I am going to do something then I have to keep my word*

I thought I would share pictures of the flowers my mom and dad brought me *they have always brought me flowers* It started when I turned 13 and my dad sent me 13 roses and I have received flowers every year.

It is quiet here I think everyone is giving me some alone time something that just doesn't happen in my house. I really appreciate it and am soaking up the minutes of silence because I know before long they will all be back. Of course, if it was this way all day, every day I would go crazy.

~Kim *Ü*
p.s. Harold brought home my favorite Key Lime Pie

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh, boy!

This morning I am in the Living Room dusting and Bryson comes in and climbs in the chair-he hasn't done that before. *Now this chair is Zoe's and Zoe is jealous of Bryson so I usher him out of it. Thinking because it is lower to the ground he can get in it - because he hasn't been able to get up on the other furniture.*
So I finish up dusting and get out the camera to take pictures of my wips *see below* and I turn around...he is using a pillow to stand on. I take the pillow from him put it back on the sofa not making a big deal about it (I am not ready for little man to be climbing all over my furniture) and continue with what I am doing. I take my pictures and then find him setting it back up again. LOL I have a feeling he is going to be a handful this summer!

Luckily, I will be at Number 1 son's aka Mitchell watching their soon to be arrival.

Speaking of Number 1 son, Mitchell, he and his wife, Rachel are doing great - everything seems to be going along just fine with the baby. They have decided on a name for "baby girl", Chloe. She has a name and will be here soon (around May 23rd) and I can't wait!

I haven't mention "the girl's" Taylor and Kyrsten are doing great. Both of them have been very busy with extra curricular activites so we haven't had them to spend the night for a while. But dh and I have taken them out to eat a lot so that we can catch up on all the news. Spring Break is coming up and they will be spending the week with us. That gives them lots of time with Benton aka Dad and all the rest of us.

Better get back to work on the cloths I can't wait to see how they turn out.

~Kim *Ü*

Another Cable Project

Here is another Cable KAL from The Knitting Knook in progress. Shirley, the list mom, and on of the moderators, Yvonne, are designing this as we go. I think they are calling it The Knitting Knook Kloth and I believe this will be more of a towel. I decided to do 2 of them since Mom's birthday is coming up. If they turn out she will be getting one and I will have one for myself. I am doing them on 2 different size needles also. So far so good.

~Kim *Ü*

I Cabled!!!

On one of my yahoo groups Knitting Knook there was a Monthly KAL that used cables. I had never done them before, I thought they were beyond my knitting capabilities and after some persuading from the ladies in this wonderful group I gave it a shot. I can't believe I really did it! If you haven't tried it you should it isn't as difficult as I thought.
~Kim *Ü*

Belated Happy V-Day!

I am trying to catch up on my posts and wanted to share what dh got me. No, he didn't get it for me after V-Day actually I received it before. I still haven't figured out all the bells and whistles but I love it! It will be perfect to take with me to St. Louis. Thank you, sweetie!
~Kim *Ü*

First Haircut

I had to post a picture of my little man aka Bryson after getting his first haircut. He turned 16 months yesterday and looks like such a big boy now.
~Kim *Ü*

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We got snow!

We finally had our first significant snow for the winter today - 6-7 inches in the area. I can't believe they are predicting upper 60's Wednesday and 70's Thursday. Some crazy weather.

I am getting excited for the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling...53 days. LOL Ordered some moo cards that others said everyone passes out and collects. Then I went to etsy and got a couple of holders for them.

I joined in on a Spring Fling(SF) swap and received my partners name today. She seems very nice and this is her first SF. She is quite an accomplished knitter. I can't wait to meet her in person. In the meantime, I need to go shopping for her goodies. This will be a lot of fun.


~Kim *Ü*