Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Yarn

I received my yarn order today. It had several skeins of Sassy Stripes sock yarn. I think I can get 8 pairs of socks out of this.

The yarn for the baby Rambling Rows Afghan KAL also arrived today. I don't care much for the yellow *duckie* baby afghan yarn. It seems so bright. In the picture the pink looks bright too but it isn't as much.

What do you think - should I use the yellow or see about getting another color? How about adding a lavender? The Vanna's Choice Baby doesn't have lavender but I am wondering if I could buy a different brand of yarn similar to this one.

The KAL doesn't start until January 9th so I have some time before I make a decision.

If you click on the pictures you can see the yarn close up.

~Kim *Ü*

No Loopy Fling

I got the dreaded email saying
"Thank you for your interest in attending The Loopy Ewe 2009 Spring Fling. We wish we had better news to tell you..." I am really bummed about it but there is always next year.

~Kim *Ü*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bryson and Poppy

I thought I would share a picture of my Grandson and Husband. I took several this morning after breakfast but I like this one the best.

~Kim *Ü*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It has been awhile

Boy, it has been awhile since my last post! I am going to try to post more often in 2009. Several things have been going on.

My oldest Mitchell and his wife Rachel are expecting - it is due May 22. We are thrilled and so far we believe it is a girl *sonographer told them 90% sure* Last Feb/Mar they lost a baby so this is wonderful news!

They are moving closer to us so that I can watch the baby while they work. Rachel's mother passed away suddenly last month - please keep her in your prayers. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer but had been doing very well. It is so sad I wish she had been able to stay with us until the baby was born. The kids put a deposit yesterday on a 3 bedroom apartment 5 minutes from us so it will be convenient for me. They are so thoughtful.

Bryson turned 1 and Kyrsten turned 8 in November. Time really flies! Bryson is all over the house and into everything - typical little one. I will post some pictures as soon as I get them downloaded to the computer.

I learned how to make socks! I am doing the 2 circular method using Nenah Galati's DVD. I love it and it is very addicting! I am currently working on a pair for Bryson *the last picture* and I have already bought more yarn and casted on for 2 more pair.

A friend on another group talked me into signing up for The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. It is in St. Louis just a hop, skip and a jump from me. Now I am just waiting to see if we get picked. They are using the lottery system to draw names. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Until later...

~Kim *Ü*

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dish Rag Tag and other nonsense...

I received the box and knitted like crazy to get the rag done and sent to Shannon. It isn't perfect but will have to do. Sorry, Shannon! Maria sent me some nice goodies. Thank you, Maria!

I have been up all night *Bryson* need I say more! The kids have school tomorrow then Shellis (Bryson's mom) goes to her internship. Benton has to go to work afterwards so I stayed up with the little man - it seems like he has inherited our allergies I just hope he doesn't get asthma. So while "we" were up I finished my sunflower box and sewed up a jack pillow (which I need to take another picture of). Bryson was very helpful with the paints while I was stencilling! And after I took pictures I noticed a scratch so I will have to fix that. I don't know if it was him or me ;o) There are better pictures if you click on the flicker pics on the right.

I am trying to get a few projects done so I can knit a hat starting Monday. Several of us in Shirley's Knitting Group are going to do it and it should be fun. I have never done one and this one has cables yikes! Wish me luck!

~Kim *Ü*

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I've been tagged!

Well my turn has come to knit in the Dish Rag Tag. I got a message from Maria that I had been tagged! Now I am waiting for the box to arrive and knit as fast as I can. I bet it doesn't arrive until Monday but you never know. I will be watching for the mailman...hope he doesn't think I am stalking him LOL

~Kim *Ü*

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just checking in...

I haven't updated in awhile. I am waiting my turn for the DRT (dish rag tag). I am a little anxious as I did hurt my thumb and wrist (long story - me being klutzy) but I CAN knit only it is slow going so I envision myself staying up all night to get it done ;o)

DH and I made a trip to Bethel (near Hannibal, MO) to a sheep festival - not much there in way of yarn and I didn't but a thing if you were a spinner you would probably have enjoyed yourself. It was nice to get away...on the way there we saw this in the road:

At first we thought it was wild turkeys but NO...

Vultures!!!! Yuck!

Ok, so that WAS gross. On to something more pleasant here is a couple current pictures of my grandson, Bryson (he will be 10 months next week). It is the frst time he had an ear of corn and at first he didn't know what to think...

I think he likes it :o)

I will try to get a couple pictures of the grand girls while they are here this weekend. Off to check email and then work on some knitting...

~Kim *Ü*

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dish Rag Tag

I joined the Dish Rag Tag - The Sequel and received my team assignment. I am on Team #7. There is a box on the right that shows our progress and a button you can click.

For those of you who haven't heard about it here is a excerpt from the site explaining what it is about:

Dish Rag Tag consists of 300 knitters (from the US) divided into teams the first team to finish wins. There will be a box (the baton) that circulates through the 12 Knitter Team. Each box will be packed with a finished dish rag, one ball of dish rag cotton, instructions, the Official Dish Rag Tag Pattern and a small treat.

When a knitter receives the box, the knitter will report that she or he is “it”, and empty the box keeping the enclosed dishrag and treat. The knitter will then knit a new dishrag with the cotton in the box and the Official Pattern. When the dish rag is finished, it goes back in the box with a new ball of dish rag cotton and a small treat.

The first box to make it through all a team’s members and return to the Miracle Household achieves Dish Rag Tag Glory! Prizes for the top three teams.

I can't wait to start! Maybe it will inspire me to post on here more often ;o)
Go Team #7!!!

~Kim *Ü*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sock Saga And Life Continues...

Well, the sock-a-long is not coming along. I was totally lost and after spending $$$ on some great yarns I decided to go another route. I am doing Silver's Tutorial and just got through the first 3 steps and have started the ribbing. Yea me! Working with dpns is challenging for me to say the least. You should have seen the look on Taylor and Kyrsten's face as they came into the room to see what I was complaining about and just who I was *itching to. I am sure I am a sight to see complaining to the computer with these sticks going every which way and the yarn a big mess. Today is another day and after a few errands and a trip to the girls doctor for the annual check-up before school starts I will be back at it again.

Yes, school starts here exactly 4 weeks from yesterday. I am already counting the days! Have them marked on the calender *grins* We already have all our school supplies and new shoes and several outfits. Taylor got her schedule and homeroom teacher (she starts middle school) and Kyrsten already knows who her 2nd grade teacher is. Can you tell Gramma is ready for them to start this year? LOL

DH is off all next week to continue more testing and hopefully we will get some good news (keeping fingers and toes crossed) if it isn't good I just want to know something, anything so we can move forward.

The State Fair starts on August 7th and we will be heading to Sedalia for a few days with the girls and visiting my Aunt and Uncle. The girls haven't ever gone they are usually with their mom so they are very anxious to go. It should be loads of fun I am hoping it just isn't too hot.

Time to run...kiddos waiting!

~Kim *Ü*

p.s. Just a quick note to follow up...DH got his tests results back with GREAT news. Yeah! Now we can move forward and put this behind us. Thank you for your prayers they really made a difference.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Time

I belong to the group First Time Socknitters KAL and they are getting ready for a sock-a-long and I going to give it a shot. The sock pattern they are going to do is Breeze from Knitty I haven't ever made a sock but I like the look of this one and I wil never know f I can do it unless I try. I am going to extend the stitch pattern over the leg a bit and the listmom is writing out the modification for it. The designer made the socks out of 100% egyptian cotton which the group has had talk about that sagging so I think most of them are going to use something else.

That got me thinking I need some sock yarn and I did a search for yarn shops since I have only been to Joann's and Hobby Lobby and found one on the Square. Can't believe it has been there right under my nose. Which means I am going yarn shopping at a local LYS something I have never done before. Hopefully my foot will be better Monday when I see doc and then I can head right over there. I have no clue what yarn I will buy for the socks I am just excited to get to go and see (and touch!) all the yarns that I hear about on the other groups I belong to. I will post on how it goes.

~Kim *Ü*

Friday, July 11, 2008

Haven't posted in a while...

tons of things going on and won't go into some of it (I will after hubby sees doc Monday) but thought now is as good as any time. We set up a pool for the girl's ( the grands) and so far so good. So more knitting will come soon....Bryson turned 8 months this week time passes by so fast! I forgot what it is like to have a crawler and a fast one around the house so that has been fun LOL He and his Dad and Mom lives with us and then having the girls all summer is sometimes a challenge but the rewards of it outways the obstacles. Which brings me to my foot...after we set the pool up on Sunday it started to hurt and hurt turned into swelling and a call to the doctor which turned into the ER. Diagnosis: Painful Diabetic Neuropathy with swelling. I wish I could get a grasp on this diabetes crap but I can't. When I see doc on Monday I have a list of questions hopefully I will get some answers. Until then I am hobbling around and using a cane (ug!) like an old woman which I was told by Taylor (oldest grand) today that is what grammas do when they get old...Geesh!

~Kim *Ü*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yarn Stash

I had no clue I had this much yarn! I am new to knitting so some of this is from other projects. After cleaning out the laundry room (that's where I keep my goodies) I found all of this and was shocked that I had accumulated this much with out even knowing it. Unbelieveable...

~Kim *Ü*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"B" Dishcloth

I knitted this one for my grandson, Bryson. I still haven't got the hang of how to take a picture of the dishcloths. The lettering just doesn't show up for me even though in person the letter "B" on this one really stands out. I blocked this after someone on one of my groups suggested it and it does make a difference. Next time I will also use smaller needles (another suggestion) and see if that helps. I think the picture taking is a trial and error thing or maybe it is my camera (yes, that's it I will blame it on the camera). LOL


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome Dishcloths

I have finally figured out how to upload an image - yeah me :o)

This was a KAL done in one of my yahoo groups Rachels_Knitting_Room.
I know you can't read the center of these dishcloths but they do have welcome in the center. I did one with a set of circular needles (green) and one with bamboo straights (peach). I had never changed colors before and it was the first time I have ever used circulars. I wanted to see which I would like better the circs or the straights. Most definitely the circulars (they are KnitPicks' Harmony Wood). I don't think I did too bad of a job for a newbie.

~Kim *Ü*

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Am I doing this right?

I decided to set up this blog today while I was at home alone (that is something that rarely happens around here) since youngest son and family are gone-they live with us-which can make our house a little crazy sometimes. Who am I kidding it is crazy most of the time!

This blogging thing has me stumped. (I am really an idiot at this! I was told by friends that it is a breeze to set up Ha!) Any hoot, I thought I would join all the other knitters that keep blogs after all I read theirs and enjoy them it just seemed like the thing to do.

I am learning how to knit and I think I am only becoming proficient at frogging but that is another story (sigh). After accomplishing the two basic stitches I joined a couple yahoo groups that focus on knitting and do monthly dishcloth KALs (it stands for knit-alongs). Thinking that small projects would be best and doing the repetitive knit and purl(and frogging!) does seem to help plus you get a cool cloth in the end :o) I tried to do one of their mid-month KALs (too advanced at least for me I just didn't get it). I got so frustrated from frogging that I gave up and decided I may be stuck doing KP for the rest of my life.

I did get my invite to Ravelry ~ I am lavladybug ~ I love that place I think you could spend hours there and really not see everything. If you belong add me to your friends list!

I hope to finish one of the KALs before the weekend. My first FO! Yea! It is actually 2 because I decided to do one on straight needles and one on circulars to see which I liked better. I will let you know when I finish what works best for me. I am behind on most of them...

Zoe is barking that means the kids are home and I really should go since I am just rambling...'til next time. Oh geesh, I hope I have done this right.

~Kim *Ü*