Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sock Saga And Life Continues...

Well, the sock-a-long is not coming along. I was totally lost and after spending $$$ on some great yarns I decided to go another route. I am doing Silver's Tutorial and just got through the first 3 steps and have started the ribbing. Yea me! Working with dpns is challenging for me to say the least. You should have seen the look on Taylor and Kyrsten's face as they came into the room to see what I was complaining about and just who I was *itching to. I am sure I am a sight to see complaining to the computer with these sticks going every which way and the yarn a big mess. Today is another day and after a few errands and a trip to the girls doctor for the annual check-up before school starts I will be back at it again.

Yes, school starts here exactly 4 weeks from yesterday. I am already counting the days! Have them marked on the calender *grins* We already have all our school supplies and new shoes and several outfits. Taylor got her schedule and homeroom teacher (she starts middle school) and Kyrsten already knows who her 2nd grade teacher is. Can you tell Gramma is ready for them to start this year? LOL

DH is off all next week to continue more testing and hopefully we will get some good news (keeping fingers and toes crossed) if it isn't good I just want to know something, anything so we can move forward.

The State Fair starts on August 7th and we will be heading to Sedalia for a few days with the girls and visiting my Aunt and Uncle. The girls haven't ever gone they are usually with their mom so they are very anxious to go. It should be loads of fun I am hoping it just isn't too hot.

Time to run...kiddos waiting!

~Kim *Ü*

p.s. Just a quick note to follow up...DH got his tests results back with GREAT news. Yeah! Now we can move forward and put this behind us. Thank you for your prayers they really made a difference.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Time

I belong to the group First Time Socknitters KAL and they are getting ready for a sock-a-long and I going to give it a shot. The sock pattern they are going to do is Breeze from Knitty I haven't ever made a sock but I like the look of this one and I wil never know f I can do it unless I try. I am going to extend the stitch pattern over the leg a bit and the listmom is writing out the modification for it. The designer made the socks out of 100% egyptian cotton which the group has had talk about that sagging so I think most of them are going to use something else.

That got me thinking I need some sock yarn and I did a search for yarn shops since I have only been to Joann's and Hobby Lobby and found one on the Square. Can't believe it has been there right under my nose. Which means I am going yarn shopping at a local LYS something I have never done before. Hopefully my foot will be better Monday when I see doc and then I can head right over there. I have no clue what yarn I will buy for the socks I am just excited to get to go and see (and touch!) all the yarns that I hear about on the other groups I belong to. I will post on how it goes.

~Kim *Ü*

Friday, July 11, 2008

Haven't posted in a while...

tons of things going on and won't go into some of it (I will after hubby sees doc Monday) but thought now is as good as any time. We set up a pool for the girl's ( the grands) and so far so good. So more knitting will come soon....Bryson turned 8 months this week time passes by so fast! I forgot what it is like to have a crawler and a fast one around the house so that has been fun LOL He and his Dad and Mom lives with us and then having the girls all summer is sometimes a challenge but the rewards of it outways the obstacles. Which brings me to my foot...after we set the pool up on Sunday it started to hurt and hurt turned into swelling and a call to the doctor which turned into the ER. Diagnosis: Painful Diabetic Neuropathy with swelling. I wish I could get a grasp on this diabetes crap but I can't. When I see doc on Monday I have a list of questions hopefully I will get some answers. Until then I am hobbling around and using a cane (ug!) like an old woman which I was told by Taylor (oldest grand) today that is what grammas do when they get old...Geesh!

~Kim *Ü*